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March 16th, 2012
French Extensions   £50
Natural Extensions   £45
French Overlays   £45
Natural Overlays   £35
Gel Toes   £30
French   £35
Natural   £30
Gel Toes   £23
Touch-up   £15
Single nail    
French   £5
Natural   £4.50
Recolution Colour Gels:    
(on like a varnish, lasts like Gels! Colour, shine, chip resistant, perfect finish and protection that will last for weeks)    
        Hands   £20
        Feet   £22
        Removal   £5
Mini Manicure/Pedicure    
 (cuticle removal, nail shaping & buffing,
colour/clear varnish option)
        Manicure   £10
        Pedicure   £13
French Manicure/Pedicure    
 (cuticle removal, nail shaping & buffing,
white tip varnish option)
        Manicure   £12
        Pedicure   £15
Luxury Spa Manicure/Pedicure    
   (an intense conditioning treatment that
cools & soothes up to the wrist/ankle)

        Manicure   £22
        Pedicure   £24
Removal & Renewal    
(careful removal of the Gel followed by
a French or Mini Manicure to renew the
natural nail)